PDC North America, Inc. serves the digital display advertising and direct brand messaging market.

– our cloud-based, highly-developed and advanced, digital content management software is embedded in our own Windows-based industrial grade media players to distribute, display, and monitor your content on any screen.

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Roppongi Hills

Shanghai World Financial Center

Tokyo Midtown

JR Interactive Vending Machine

House of Shiseido

About PDC

Over 30,000 screens installed. Managing 10,000 for clients.  Established on the thriving thirteen-year track record of PDC Japan and Asia, PDC is now driving over 30,000 screens worldwide for some of the world’s most recognizable global brands like CITIBANK, Japan Railway, and Tokyo “Skytree.” Our clients recognize the mission critical importance of investing in the field-tested and industry leading reliability of PDC’s proprietary digital display software system, AFFICHER. PDC North America offers a full range of services from consulting, network & system design, content production, distribution & operations, screen-by-screen monitoring, and log reports.
AFFICHER is our state-of-the-art, full-cloud digital display operating system.  With servers in Seattle, Washington and Tokyo, Japan, clients can now control their signage from anywhere in the world connected to the internet.

  • Easy on-site setup. Simply plug it into the internet and you’re ready to go!
  • Full HD content and video.
  • Seamless playback with no “blank screen” between displayed content.
  • Automated split-screen and scrolling ticker management.
  • Instant blackout detection.

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With up-to-date, real-time Cloud-based management, there is virtually no place you can’t be to manage, create and correct your content displays! Combine the ease of cloud based technology, our patent-pending technology and personalized customer service to get the most professional and effective experience in the industry!
Craig Makino, CEO/President Craig Makino is an award-winning consultant and project manager of digital signage and digital marketing throughout Asia. Having worked intimately with developers, he has a deep knowledge in the daily operations of building complexes to retail, enabling him to provide technological advice from a marketing and developer perspective. Leading global corporations have relied on him to produce multi-million dollar projects helping them establish goals, and technological advancement to enhance their overall customer experience.

Moichi Tanaka, Executive Sales Manager 


PDC provides a full array of services to help support your signage system.


Business Plan Operation Plan Concept Drawing Master Plan Drawing

System Design

System Design Content Design Equipment Layout

System Integration

System Adjustment Construction / Fixture Creation Construction Management Software Development

Content Production

Creation Processing / Editing Digitization Contents Collection

Distribution & Operations

Distribution Operation Broadcast Management Schedule Management

Maintenance & Monitoring

Monitoring Software Management Maintenance

Measuring & Survey

Measure Your Signage Advertising

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We are headquartered in California but are available internationally. Address: 36 W Colorado Blvd, Suite 301, Pasadena, CA 91105 Phone: (626) 396 4900 Email us for further information